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My three sites,,, and will be combined into one web site soon. I say about a month give or take. Sorry for any inconvenience but it saves on my funds and its easier for me to run one site then it is three. ^^ The new site is I am currently making a layout for it so I hope to have that part done soon. All three gallery’s will be transferred there along with all the other information off the sites so no information is lost. I been thinking about this a while now and so I don’t loose the love of doing this, I think this is the best solution. They other alternative would be just canceling all three. Which at this point I just couldn’t do so this is the way I will be handling it. So be sure to update your browsers to the new url as this one and the other two will be gone. Again, I am sorry but this is the only way for me to do this and not give up on the three sites completely. I hope you understand. I am forever changing my mind on things and I realize I just brought back this site but It isn’t going away, just moving.

VIP Goodies and a New Layout!

Photos, Site, Video, VIP

Okay so I have some things to share. First is the obvious. You can see the new layout. I been running this site going on four years now in September. ^^ We have came a long way since 2007. Still improving and including things all over. I uploaded a video to youtube but I don’t think I will stick with them as I will be mostly using veoh. It seems to work. The video is her latest video she uploaded of her birthday event. They really do cut clips in it. Four some reason youtube decided to stretch the video which it why it looks funny. Once I get it to veoh, it should look normal. I really don’t like youtube nor google for that matter as they do a lot of people dirty.  I will be adding the vip photos to the gallery but until then you can click on them here to see them.




I have more VIP photos coming to catch up but you can view those in the gallery soon! ^^

Ayaka Komatsu “All of Ayaka” Photo book scans!

Photo Book, Scan

Alright guys, I know you have been waiting a long time for this but I finally got this completed. I have scanned in and uploaded Ayaka’s newest photo book for your viewing pleasure! Though do NOT repost on other sites nor offer for download! If you would like to share, share my link! I have seen my photo book scans all over the internet with out credit! That is stealing from my site! They could have at least gave credit! I offer free things but I can also make it pay to view! It is a privilege and I find it insulting that many idol sites have my things for download like it is theirs. Like I said, if you want to share, give the link to MY gallery only. Thank you! ^^ Click the photo to see the photos!

2010 Calendar and Official Front Page Photos


I finally got around to taking some photos of my 2010 calendar of her but they are not the best. :( My calendar has been in storage didn’t do so well being all curly for photos with glares. Though they came out good for the most part. I have the 2007 and 2011 calendars coming. I also have her newest photo book scanned in and I just need to edit and crop off the unnecessary parts. So look for that in the next couple of days! I also added in the last few of Ayaka’s official site’s front page photos in the gallery as well. Just visit my gallery if you want to see those.

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